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DEPOT 505 Conditioning Beard Oil

DEPOT 505 Conditioning Beard Oil

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Conditioning beard oil.

Nourishes,conditions and gives control and Shine to the beard with a pleasant and unique fragrance. Easily absorbed,it protects the integrity of the beard. Recommended to detangle and soften the beard. Always apply before brushing,particularly in medium to long beards,to avoid hair breakage.


Apricot kernel oil,emollient,nourishing and conditioning
Jojoba oil,emollient,nourishing and conditioning
Castor flower oil,nourishing,strengthening and polishing
Sunflower oil,softening,nourishing and protective. Rich in minerals,vitamins,unsaturated fatty acids and oleic acid; protective and antioxidant due to its content of vitamin E
Vitamin E,an antioxidant and anti-radical


Apply a few drops to hands,massage into beard and moustache in all directions.

Brush well to improve the distribution of the product.

Repeat the application as needed or desired.